We are passionate about transforming the relationship between our customers and their final public by delivering smart solutions through technology, in an agile and easy to understand manner, that is always focused on their needs. We are located at our headquarters in USA and in offices in Latin America and Europe . We are an IT company that uses disruptive thinking to solve our customer’s challenges and transform the IT- market


In technology, change is rapid and constant. We serve customers who know how dynamic this area can be and have chosen us to provide all the support they need to meet this challenge. After all, we understand the underlying technologies and how to leverage them to improve our customers’ competitiveness.

In these years, we have developed several innovative projects, important in FINTECH- artificial intelligence and cloud-based technology and with our new 2 brands called PlayToGo ( on line gaming ) and PayToGo ( PaytoGo has developed a complete platform and digital services-Voucher & Coupons payments Mobile Top UP -ecosystem with a financial solution for the unbanked and underbanked population. Members using PaytoGo will also receive access to a SIM -mobile or E-Sim with domestic and international phone services integrated directly into their digital wallet with no Roaming fee in over 45 countries. Today we have the opportunity to include our customers in new emerging technological developments such as the Blockchain using our multilayered system to ensure the safety and system integrity.


Nextchampions Holding LTD owner of Intellectual Properties -Software and Brands called “ PlayToGo – PayToGo – BiTopUp- CardTech- e-money.app “. Our team is driven by strong principles of continual improvement, investing in research and development to create powerful new solutions to meet the challenging needs of today’s market , provides on-demand, practical products that make it easier for businesses and consumers to communicate, manage their finances, and process payments. We’re driven by strong principles of continual improvement – constantly investing in research and development to create powerful new solutions to meet the challenging needs of today’s marketplace. As a leading-edge FinTech company helps bridge the gap between financial and essential services. Our innovative line of custom consumer applications center around our e-money digital bank account and linked PayToGo Mastercard. We strive to provide the ultimate consumer engagement platform by linking: banking, health, entertainment, communication-market place . All our apps are developed in house by our tech teams in Brazil, the USA, and Europe.